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February 01 2013


Peter Bogdanovich: How about Rogopag?

Orson Welles: Can’t believe that. I was never in a picture with a name like that.

Bogdanovich: In one episode directed by Pasolini. You played a movie director.

Welles: Oh, yes… Censored, in Italy at least, after one single screening in Venice.

Bogdanovich: I didn’t think it was very good.

Welles: No? Why?

Bogdanovich: It was sort of obscure and arty—

Welles [laughs]: “Obscure and arty.” Simply because it didn’t happen on the banks of the Mississippi, it’s obscure and arty… You mustn’t be asked about anything that isn’t, you know, Judge Shit on the Range or something—

Bogdanovich [laughing]: Well, among other things wrong with it, they dubbed you into Italian.

Welles: I played it in Italian! The exhibitors must have thought the Italian public couldn’t stand my accent. They have a terrible snobbism about accents in Italy. So much so that lots of their leading actors—the girls especially—have never been heard in Italy speaking their own language in their own voices; they’re dubbed by radio actors.

Bogdanovich: I didn’t know that.

Welles: Yes. If your accent is vaguely of the north, let’s say, then everybody in the south hoots with laughter. So of course my own little touch of Kenosha would have been fatal. I read a poem in that one, and Pasolini told everyone that he’d never heard an Italian actor read Italian poetry with such simplicity and directness. He tried to get me to play a pig a couple of years ago when I was in Vienna.

Bogdanovich [laughing]: Really a pig?

Welles: A German pig. Something really obscene.

Bogdanovich: You like Pasolini?

Welles: Terribly bright and gifted. Crazy mixed-up kid, maybe—but on a very superior level. I mean Pasolini the poet, spoiled Christian, and Marxist ideologue. There’s nothing mixed up about him on a movie set. Real authority and a wonderfully free way with the machinery.


The Darjeeling Limited by Ryan McShane

January 29 2013


coraline vs puppeteer

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harpers bazaar’s scorsese retrospective;
chloe moretz and keanue reeves pay tribute to the scene in taxi driver made famous by jodie foster and robert de niro.

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mulholland drive - david lynch’s 10 clues to unlocking this thriller

contained within the original dvd release is a card with the following clues:

  1. pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: at least two clues are revealed before the credits.
  2. notice appearances of the red lampshade.
  3. can you hear the title of the film that adam kesher is auditioning actresses for? is it mentioned again?
  4. an accident is a terrible event — notice the location of the accident.
  5. who gives a key, and why?
  6. notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
  7. what is felt, realized, and gathered at the club silencio?
  8. did talent alone help camilla?
  9. note the occurrences surrounding the man behind winkie’s.
  10. where is aunt ruth?

Gotta watch Mulholland again and see what will be revealed !!

January 28 2013


Norman Reedus (Daryl) Steven Yeun (Glenn)
The Walking Dead

Emilia Clarke (Khalessi)
Play fullscreen
The Film is Metropolis, the song is called the Package, and it's performed by A Perfect Circle...

September 10 2012

3065 698f 500
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August 09 2012


American Psycho
dir Mary Harron
Christian Bale 
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August 04 2012

The only decent thing to ever come from that title. LOLZ

Mario Brothers Vs The Shinning by drfrankenwell
Available @ Etsy
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July 31 2012

Pablo Picasso - Unsure Self Portrait with Cloak (1901)

Pablo Picasso - Unsure Self Portrait with Cloak (1901)
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